Estrategic Plan of Burgos 2020.

22 Jun 2015

In 2000, Burgos City Council, together with the main representatives of the city, decided to create an Strategic Committee for the development of the city, in the form of non-profit organization known as APEBU (Asociación Plan Estratégico de la Ciudad). The first document it drew up was precisely the Strategic Plan for the City (2002-2015). Over 60 large companies, organizations and technological institutions work alongside APEBU, all of which share the common goal of working towards sustainable employment, technological and industrial development in the local area, while implementing knowledge acquired in previous projects and initiatives. Since its creation, APEBU has supported and participated in different initiatives and projects at a local, national and European level. In this way, in collaboration with Burgos Council and the rest of its partners as well as the main companies and banking institutions in the city, APEBU has developed a series of projects covering an array of subject matter: employment, technological innovation, urban mobility, town planning, infrastructures, social integration, environment…

During last years, the Strategic Plan City of Burgos, has been coordinating among other initiatives, the renewal marketing process, having led the new city branding, the elaboration of the Marketing Plan of the city of Burgos, elaboration of Dossier Burgos European Capital of Culture 2016, the elaboration and coordination of Culture Strategic Plan of the city of Burgos, the elaboration and coordination of Burgos for Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2013, the redacting of Access City Award candidature and city Access Reina Sofia Awards

Burgos decided in 2011 to update the previous city strategy document, Burgos Strategic Plan 2001-2015, updating to the new economic situation in order to strengthen and reinvigorate the city.

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